The Keralathinoppam initiative was formally launched on 06.09.2020 as part of the Ponnonam 2020 celebrations. Kerala Samajam Munich will support the following initiatives in 2020.

Computers for orphan girl children in Mahila Samakhya. 

The Mahila Samakhya program was initiated in 1987-1989 to translate the goals of the National Policy on Education and Empowerment of women in rural areas, particularly of women from socially and economically marginalized groups. Education in Mahila Samakhya is understood not merely as acquiring basic literacy skills, but as a process of learning to question, critically analyzing issues and problems, and seeking solution. It endeavors to create an environment for women to learn at their own pace, set their own priorities, seek knowledge and information facilitating informed choices. 

Via the Keralathinoppam initiative, we plan to raise one-time funding to procure and distribute computers to orphaned adolescent girl students protected by the Mahila Samakhya program under the MHRD Government of India. More information can be found in the MHRD website.

TV’s for students from poor financial background to attend classes during COVID. 

The global pandemic COVID-19 wreaked havoc across the world in 2020. Kerala took extremely effective measures to prevent the spread of the virus. Schools were closed as part of the lockdown. To continue education, Kerala Government announced classes through the television channel, Victor. But this required students to have their own television sets at home. This was difficult for children coming from economically backward families. 

Kerala Samajam was quick to identify a school in Murikkattukudi in Kattappana where the students are predominantly from tribal families. KSM then procured 6 32″ Philips LED television sets and got them delivered to the school. The entire effort was coordinated through one of the teachers in the school. 

You can read more about this here

Living aid for Rajamala landslide victims. 

Idukki was once again hit by intermittent rain resulting in floods and landslides. On August 7, the hillside came crashing down on a tea estate in Kerala’s Idukki district, burying a settlement. Overnight, the green, wooded landscape turned into a mangled mass of earth and roots. The death toll today stands at 63 as per the latest reports, while many remain missing. 

The landslide left hundreds of families without food and shelter. This charity initiative helps to support those worse affected families. You can read more about the tragedy here.

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